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It’s the most advanced capping system on the market…

Does your Capping Machine verify, certify and guarantee every capping operation it performs?

The new Dico Servo-Capper is the most advanced Capping Machine available on the market. Developed in response to a clear market need, it is the first to offer 100% ‘track and trace’ capability as well as guaranteed tightenings on every cap closed at speeds up to 450 containers per minute.

More than simply a Capping Machine, the Dico Servo-Capper offers a comprehensive and fully integrated capping process that includes pre-cap inspection, cap feeding, cap sorting, automatic reject, heat sealing and labeling.

The industry’s first Energy Efficient Capping System, its advanced technology allows precise closures to the manufacturers’ exact recommendations, avoiding the need for expensive product recalls or litigation.

Remote diagnostics optimise performance whilst minimising down time, while its ‘automatic reject’ mechanism for faulty or off-specification products negates the need for cap inspections further down the line.

The benefits of the Dico Servo-Capper to businesses are multiple. Unrivalled closure quality coupled with guaranteed tightening performance leads to minimal point of sale returns and negative publicity for your product or brand reputation.

Technical advantages of the new Dico Servo-Capper over more conventional capping systems include:

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