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‘Nexus’ Volumetric Rotary Filler

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The NEXUS Rotary Volumetric filler is suitable for high speed liquid filling. The high filling accuracy, which is up to +0.1% of cylinder volume, is ensured by the unique design of the filling valve, which is only available on Gravfil machines.

Filling volume is simply selected by the operator from a product menu and correct adjustment is achieved by the robust, fully motorised system.fairy liquid Cleaning is conducted in place and is carried out with the machine stationary. Spray balls and scavenge pumps can be fitted to the system to further ensure that cleaning is optimised.

This machine is available in three stand-alone base sizes as well as a close coupled format. Either 1200ml, 3000ml, or 5000ml capacity metering cylinders can be provided. The Nexus can also be supplied with a flowmeter system.

The NEXUS machine type can also be supplied in a SENSOR form with induction or mass flowmeters. Features include:

  • High accuracy to +/-0.1% of cylinder volume
  • Easy cleaning
  • Tool free changeover construction
  • Programmable product menu
  • Operator friendly operation
  • Fast changeovers - approximately 5 minutes
  • High quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Wide fill ranges

The NEXUS achieves success in liquid filling by utilising designs that have the simplest product feed path amongst other features. The metering cylinder is mounted directly on to the product tank; thus ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance.


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"We purchased a 6-head Excel in 2008 to fill edible oil products and definitely made the right choice – robust, reliable and repeatable."

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