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Industry Sectors

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Gravfil & Dico have been leaders, for over 70 years, in supplying filling machinery for the cosmetics and toiletries industries. The companies provide solutions to some of the world’s leading companies in these fields; handling products from colognes, lotions and creams to hair products and oils.


Gravfil & Dico have substantial experience in this growing area. We have numerous installations handling products in a variety of applications including those where safety is a major concern as is minimum operator involvement. Products such as washing detergents, bleach and other household chemicals are successfully handled and filled on Gravfil & Dico machines.

Chemicals and Lubricants

Products such as motor oils, paints and adhesives all have their own unique filling requirements, such as temperature and viscosity compensation. Again, safety aspects are important and these can be optimised by Gravfil’s filling technology & Dico's Capping Machinery. Our many repeat customers are a testament to the quality of our designs and technologies.

Food, Dairy and Beverages

We are well known internationally for filling many types of liquid/semi liquid products into a wide variety of rigid containers including jars, glass bottles, fruit juice cans and lightweight plastics. Products filled also include ketchups, honey, wine, whisky and water.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Major advances with machinery development now allow Gravfil & Dico to handle a wider range of liquid pharmaceutical products within a sanitary environment. Our machines include clean designs and readily accessible change parts that facilitate quick removal and easy maintenance or inspection. Products handled include mouth washes, cough syrups, eye wash lotions and antiseptic liquids.

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